You know what would be a really cool alarm clock, If it were Nick Fury from the Avengers, so when it went off it said “Wake up MOTHER FUCKER!!!” and when you pressed snooze it went “I acknowledge that you’ve made the decision to snooze, but given that it’s a stupid ass decision i’ve elected to ignore it” and just kept beeping.

you are the future

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Oh my god



I was browsing Wikipedia’s list of sports, & look at what I came across


Seems normal, right?


Look closer…



See, mom? I am athletic








This is why you need to bind safely.  The damage in the first picture is not the result of binding over numerous years with a simple binder.  It’s the result of unsafe and irresponsible binding.  Bind safely.


It most certainly can.  

In stead of just saying BIND SAFELY you should explain the safe and in safe ways to bind.

1. Bind using only an actual binder (make sure you measure and get the proper size), or tight-ish sports bra in a pinch.  You want something that compresses while still having give so that your lungs can expand.  

2. Never use ace bandages/belts/tape/etc to bind.

3. Do not sleep in your binder.

4. Do not wear your binder for long periods of time.  I’ve seen 8 hours mentioned as the max amount of time.  Learn to read your body.  Some people cannot handle binding for even 8 hours but ignore the signs and injure themselves.

5. Whenever you take your binder off give a few big coughs, this well help to break up any fluid that may have settled in your lungs.

That’s all I can think of atm, but I think I’ve covered the basics.

I’m not tagging this for followers I just want all of you that bind hard to be careful. 

I know many of my friends bind, and I know some of them use ace bandages. Guys, please look at this. I want you guys to stay safe



Attack on Alchemist

Or Fullmetal Titan… *shrugs* 

FINISHED!!! Finally freakin’ finished. Dear heavens above I love these two. So. Damn. Much. 

Still haven’t seen the show but I would watch this version in an instant.


15 amazing things in nature you won’t believe actually exist




Okay, so there are a couple different levels to this (yes I am seriously turning a joke tag into meta).

  1. You couldn’t say “boner” on 1960s television.  Duh.  If you want Spock to admit some kind of intense feeling for Jim, it must appear platonic.
  2. “Friend” was used as code or cover for homoerotic subtext in entertainment during intolerant time periods.  While perhaps not the writer’s intention, that context exists.
  3. “Friendship” isn’t really a feeling anyway.  Which adds to the sense that Spock is confused and struggles to identify and label emotional urges.
  4. He is “ashamed” of the feeling.  Not just feelings in general, but this specific one.  Yet in later episodes, he seems to have no problem labeling Kirk as a friend.  So again, it stands to reason there’s not just “friendship” at play here.
  5. Years later, Roddenberry would invent a word for Kirk and Spock’s relationship that translates to some mysterious combination of “friend/brother/lover.”  i.e. he allowed for ambiguity.
  6. Therefore, in hindsight it’s conceivable that Spock was referring to a t’hy’la-like feeling in this scene - a nebulous jumble of intense platonic bonds and potential romanticism.
  7. Conclusion: a compromised Spock is confessing that he feels drawn to Jim.  But the ship is in danger, Spock dislikes/suppresses the emotion, and Jim probably doesn’t realize what he’s saying anyway.
  8. …so they’ll be doomed to spend the next seven years dancing around each other until Spock figures out how to accept his feels.
  9. Q.E.D.
  10. (✿◡‿◡)

…also this is the climactic scene of the episode, and THE most charged moment of that scene.  And Spock can’t stop trying to explain himself, even in the midst of the important technobabble:”Understand, Jim. I’ve spent a whole lifetime learning to hide my feelings.”A line that summarizes the major conflict between them for years to come.

But if imminent danger wasn’t there to interrupt them - an emotional Spock bent on pouring his heart out to a lonely Jim - who knows what this confession would have turned into?

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